Tuesday, October 11, 2005

A Blogger is Born

There is something frightening in becoming a blogger. I think it's because the private thoughts that you always kept in your head suddenly become public domain. People always thought you were nuts but they had no proof. Now, they have the proof......

Running in AustraliaEverybody should have a passion in life. Not just an interest or something we think about occassionally. It should be our raison d'etre, our reason for being. I find my passion in running. I run anything. Track, cross country, road races and trail races. I run any distance from 100 meters to 1000 kms. I am a runner.

I have always had some interest in running but it was in March 1979 at the tender age of 27 that I officially became a runner. I bought myself a pair of running shoes and set out to run as far as I could. After 1500 meters, not even a mile, I ground to a halt. I turned and walked home. That 3 km route (1500 meters out and 1500 meters back) became my training ground. I ran that route nearly every day for months. Slowly I learnt the secrets of running like pacing and breathing. Only after I had mastered this distance did I try to run further.

I took me three years to build up to 8 kms. My body adapted to my new lifestyle and running became a part of my life. I felt fitter and more wide awake. I experienced the highs of regular exercise and my mind revelled in the new found freedom of thinking on the run. I discovered that running wasn't only a physical activity. It exercised all my dimensions, particularly my intellect.

This blog will be a mixture of intellectual thoughts and physical exercise but it will all revolve around my love of running. I will try and share the highs and the lows. The victories and the defeats. The experiences of half a lifetime of running.

The photo shows me running the Jindabyne Marathon in the Snowy Mountains of Australia. They claim it is the highest marathon in Australia. I think it was also the wettest. The road kill I saw on the route included a fox and 3 kangaroos.